Ball Valves

CS Ball Valve

Material: Cast Steel

Available in 3pc*


The Ball valve is an inexpensive alternative to other valves. The design of the valve is conventional and flow is controlled by the position of a hole through the ball and it is sandwiched between two seats to control flow. This type of valve is best suited for many process applications. These valves are quick opening and provide a very tight closure on hard-to-hold fluids.


  • Full Bore for Uninterrupted flow and reduced pressure drop.
  • Compact assembly and easy maintenance.
  • Quick opening and closing can be fitted bi-directional and can be repaired in situ
  • Can be easily actuated.


Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and other processing industries Water Works, Sewage Plants, Power Plants, Sugar Industries Textiles & Processing, Fire Safety, Edible Oil Refineries, Cement Industries, etc.


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